Thursday, October 27, 2005

Photo Friday - 'Delicate'

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Morning dew on a blade of grass.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Photo Friday: 'Retro'

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This is a photo I worked on using Photoshop CS. It once was a beautiful picture of my friends grandmother taken in the early 1930's. But now it is showing it age, old, faded, torn and water damaged. Someone drew on it with a black marker covering up her hair and parts of her dress. So with a little work and a lot of patients I believe it now looks good as new.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Photo Friday - 'Conspicuous"

Hiding on a log - It was realy neat to watch this little lizard change colour as he crawl out of the shade into the sunshine.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Photo Friday - 'Five'

Photo Five geese lined up in a row, play follow the leader.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Clint and Nadine, August 5 2005

The bride arrives.

Clint and Nadines Wedding - The vows.

Clint and Nadines Wedding - The vows.

Clint and Nadines Wedding - The signing of the papers.

Clint and Nadines Wedding - Flowers

Clint and Nadines Wedding - Having fun at the formals.

Clint and Nadines Wedding - Mother and Child.

Clint and Nadines Wedding - A quiet moment.

Clint and Nadines Wedding - Romance is in the air.

Clint and Nadines Wedding - The day is almost over and thier still smilling.

Clint and Nadines Wedding - By the lake

Clint and Nadines Wedding - contemplating the days events.

Surrey Womens Centre Calenar

People have asked how I became involved in such a project as this and asked me to tell my story on how I became one of the photographers for the Surrey Women's Centre 2006 Calendar. Well it went something like this; One day last spring a friend of mine told me about a mutual friend of ours and how she has become involved with the Surrey Women's Centre and the upcoming calendar. Joy had asked Karen if she knew any photographers who would be interested in volunteering to do the calendar. Well Karen phoned me and I agreed, not bothering to ask for any details. Spring turned into summer and it was time to get started working on this project so I had a meeting with Patricia from the Centre. After showing Patricia some of my work she told me about the Calendar. Well when she said it was tobe a nude calendar my mouth dropped to the floor. I couldn't belive it, I was so embarrassed I didn't know if I would be able to do this, but I had already said I would and it was to late to back out now. Right after this meeting I phoned a friend (Shelley) who is also a photographer, I knew she had done some work before with pregnant women in the nude, so I asked her if would she like to help. Shelley was more than willing to come on board and help me with this project. We shot the calendar over four days. The first day went very well, I was amazed how smooth things went and how easy it was to work with the models. On the second shoot things were going fine until one of the models was unable to show up. Everything was ready for the shot and we had an hour before the next one, so we were sitting around talking, when Shelley said to me "I dare you to do this shot, I told her if I did one she would have to do one too". This is something that would be very out of character for me. No one ever sees me in shorts or a bathing suit let alone in the nude. Anyway I got up very casually and went to the washroom and came out in a bath rob and said "Okay,lets do it" ( I was so scared ). Shelley was so shocked, I could hear her swear under herbreath "Dame, I didn't think she would really do this, now I have to do one too". We had so much fun and it gave us such a feeling of freedom we would gladly do it again. The rest is history. The calendar was completed without a hitch; it was a complete success and looks fabulous. Shelley felt we worked so well together she invited me to shoot a wedding with her, which also turned out great. Now a partnership is formed, we are now known as "Leading Edge Photography". Thank you Patricia and the Surrey Women's Centre for giving us this great opportunity. We are very proud and honored to have been given this chance to have worked on your calendar.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Surrey Women's Centre 2006 Fund Raising 15 month Calendar. I am Ms. December 2005. For more detail about this calendar or if you want to purchare one please go to